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Re: RFC: Debugging libraries

On Mon, Apr 26, 1999 at 11:26:13PM -0400, James LewisMoss wrote:
> # all dbg packages that install source must register using
> # install-source <directory>.  This will put the directory in the file
> # /etc/sources and run the scripts in /etc/rc.sources.  The gdb
> # script in /etc/rc.sources/gdb generates a file /etc/gdb.sources
> # which contains a line for each non-empty line in /etc/sources
> # consisting of "dir <directory>".
> exec gdb -x /etc/gdb.sources $@

Great idea but that would be a great overhead on our ftp servers. We would
have the source both in the .deb and in the .orig.tar.gz...

How about only displaying a message in the default gdb.sources: 

"Please change /etc/gdb.sources to reflect the installed library sources 
 on your system."

and a notice how to install them (e.g. dpkg-source -x/apt-get source)?

> I haven't tried this out of course.  :)  I figure a /usr/src/debug
> directory would be a good place to put these things.  Packages can
> register multiple directories.

Why /usr/src/debug? The source does not differ between debugging and release

> Also running the scripts in /etc/rc.sources (is there a better name
> for this?) would allow source to web indexers and other things that
> keep track of source to run as well.
> Any thoughts?  It's pretty generic.

Hmm. Another good point for having sources in -dbg packages... What should we
do? :)


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