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Problem with rescue disk?

Hi all,

I was trying to install a slink machine last night, and I ran in to problems
with the default kernel installed on the rescue floppy.

While the kernel would boot ok, any accesses to the hdd would hang
indefinately (eg. trying to mount the hdd or partition the hdd).

The drive in question was a Seagate ST51080N SCSI hdd, attached to an
Adaptec AHA-2940 adapter.

I could, however, boot the system using a custom boot floppy (I used
tomsrtbt disk for those who know it) and it would function fine.  In the end
I used the kernel from this boot floppy to start the install process.
I continued to use the custom boot floppy until I had complied my own kernel.

Is this a bug/problem - or is it a normal occurance?  Has anyone else seen
this behaviour?




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