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Re: Intent to package: GREED

Robert Woodcock spake thus:

> Pedro Guerreiro wrote:
> >GREED is a utility similar to GetRight for Windows. It allows you to resume
> >downloads from ftp or http servers (as long as this feature is supported by
> >the server), and supports proxy servers.
> >
> >Homepage at http://www.public.asu.edu/~arturner/index.html
> Sheesh, we've had wget for a long time, recently curl pops up, and now we
> have greed? How many of these things does debian need? :)

We have vi, emacs, gxedit, gedit, etc etc.  How many of these editor things
does Debian need? :)) <runs>

Regarding curl, I'll be packaging an SSL enabled version only, as it seems
that policy doesnt cover a source package building for both US & non-US.



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