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Re: PGP keys without system accounts

> > > -------
> > > pub   768R/E77BF5D5 1996-12-09 Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@mail.wm.edu>
> > >      Key fingerprint = 35 C3 3C 73 F9 06 2C 94  CF ED 42 81 E8 FB C8 C5
> > 
> > Hmm, the third mitchell?  Branden, Martin and Bill Mitchell... And I
> > thought Schulze was a common name...
> But there is no brandon mitchell - Isn't Brandon the lead in the testing
> group?

Yes, Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@mail.wm.edu> is the lead in the testing
group.  When I spoke with him a week ago, he told me that he had not
cross-signed keys with anyone and was not yet a debian developer.  If
being in the debian-keyring gives him the power to upload packages,
then I have the impression that he doesn't think he belongs there yet.

We live in the same city and are planning to meet soon.

Kirk Hilliard

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