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Re: HURD is still on development !?

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On Sat, Apr 24, 1999 at 07:39:25PM +0000, Nuno Carvalho wrote:
>  I would like to know if HURD is still on development or it's stopped.
>  I'm thinking on write an article to my Department about microkernels
> and would like to talk about HURD.

It is DEFINITELY under development. I am currently compiling glibc 2.1 from
19 Apr on my box (I did already, need only to make the pic package). It will
be uploaded monday.

Everyone who is involved is busily working on it. It will be covered in
various news soon (hint, hint :).

The last weeks I did stop uploading packages though because we were
resolving some bugs. The new glibc will give us a leap again.

> PS: BTW, any help on documentation about HURD than the FAQ !?

About microkernels, certainly, start from the web page and browse
the links. The file hurd.texi is the main reference for hurd internals.


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