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Re: New mailling list (debian-discuss) ? (Was: Re: DFSG Macromedia Director File?)

On Sat, Apr 24, 1999 at 11:35:10AM -0400, shaleh@clifford.livenet.net wrote:

> Hmm, yes let me subscribve to another volume list for no reason but
> to read more flame and garbage.  Sorry, I just don't see it and we
> all know people will just cc -devel to get more people to read it
> (or even -private).
Why would they?  There are a fair amount of completely non technical
things that get brought up on -devel, and reasonable people will
realize that, and post to the appropriate list.  Currently, there is
no appropriate list.  If people are not reasonable, then we are
screwed anyway, and we might as well go home, because Debian depends
on having bright, people capable of working via mailing lists and the
net to develop our distribution.

And if you don't want to subscribe to it - don't!  This is the
point... I would be welling to bet we are losing out on intelligent
people participating in technical discussions because of all the crud
on -devel.

> Truth is we just need to all abide by common sense and avoid flame
> wars, off-topic (at least non interesting ones) and what not.  Maybe
> this means loss of posting privileges.

There is a reasonable amount of "off topic" stuff that needs to be
discussed.  And what you find interesting I might find really boring
and annoying:-)

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