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Re: intent of package seti@home

Kevin Dalley writes:
> There are subtle differences between most free software and a distributed
> program.  There are many buggy versions of the Linux kernel around.
> (2.2.1, for example).

Which was released by Linus: the equivalent would be SETI releasing a new,
improved client and having the hackers quickly discover some serious bugs
and report them with patches.  How many kernels that were not approved by
Linus are in widespread use?

> A bug in one copy of a distributed system could affect the final results.

Then the system is hopelessly fragile.  What if the box some client is
running on has a hardware problem?  Are the clients statically linked?  I
assume they use floating point.  What if the box has broken floating point

> Not at all.  But there may be advantages of knowing which data was
> analyzed with which bugs.

Which is one reason why each result report should include the version of
the client that generated it.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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