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Re: Debian FreeBSD

On Thu, Apr 22, 1999 at 10:56:47AM -0600, suicydl@phreaker.net wrote:

> 	I don't mean to resurrect an old argument..  but I was just
> wondering.. A few months back I remember you guys talking about making a
> version of Debian with teh FreeBSD kernel (or OpenBSD) kinda like what you
> did with HURD.  Well, I was wondering why this idea was turned down?

I followed that thread with interest before it turned itself into a
flamefest...  I was left wondering...  why FreeBSD?  I've installed FreeBSD
and I must say I kinda like it, but I've got an old Digital 3000 box here
where I intend to install NetBSD (Alpha + TurboChannel != linux friendly). 
What's the advantage of using FreeBSD instead of NetBSD or OpenBSD?

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