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Dents v0.0.3 - DNS server

I wonder if s/o is already working on this or if it doesn't make sense
to package it.



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>Subject: Dents v0.0.3 - DNS server
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To:      The World At Large
From:    The Dents Team
Date:    Sun Apr 18 17:42:54 EDT 1999
Subject: You too can have an awesome DNS server!  Announcing Dents v0.0.3!

MORE INFO: http://www.dents.org.
DOWNLOAD:  http://www.dents.org./src/dents-0.0.3.tar.gz
CONTACT:   mailto:tlewis@mindspring.net

The Dents Team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.0.3 of the
Dents name server.  Dents is a server for the DNS protocol as specified
in RFC 1035 et al.; it is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv2.
For more information concerning the Dents project, as well as a copy of
the software, please see the web page:


This release represents a dramatic improvement over our v0.0.2 release,
which was four months ago; users will see a(nother) significant increase
in stability, and the code is now much more full-featured.

You can download this release of Dents FOR FREE from our web site:


The build procedure for this release is, umm, unusual, so please read
the INSTALL file before trying to compile.


1) Greg Rumple (The Dilligent One) has made significant changes to our
red-black tree code, destroying the last major hurdle of instability in
our code base.  This is a very exciting development.

2) Todd Lewis (The Humble One) wrote our modular driver code, and Johannes
Erdfelt (The Clever One) integrated it with the server.  All zones are now
loaded and queries answered using these modular drivers.  These drivers
allow queries to be answered, e.g., from a relational database, from
a Berkeley DB file, from a conventional zone file loaded into memory,
from a co-hosted scheme script, or even for answers to be generated
algorithmically.  Preliminary documentation for the driver system exists
on our web page, and we hope that soon authors can begin writing modules
in complete independence of the core Dents team, ushering in a new era
of experimentation and giddy design in the DNS community.

3) Johannes Erdfelt wrote our first drivers for the new system:
	- mod_recursive, which implements recursion
	- mod_stddb, which implements named-like zone file loading
	- mod_frl, which generates in-addr.arpa addresses algorithmically
		based on IP address
	- mod_template, a vaguely correct template for potential driver
		authors not necessarily to follow.  8^)

4) Todd Lewis converted the Dents control facility from a line-oriented
protocol to using CORBA.  We have done preliminary integration of Dents
with the UCD SNMP server using this CORBA interface, allowing Dents to
serve through UCD-SNMPD most of the DNS Server MIB, RFC-1611.  The control
facility framework is complete and is being filled in.

5) Will Young again proved very helpful behind the scenes by aiding the
Dents team in its quest for world domination.  (Well, of the DNS world,
anyway.)  Please keep our CVS server up, Will!

6) Many miscellaneous changes, cleanups, and additions; see CHANGELOG,
below for more info.

We hope that the internet community will find this and future releases to
be helpful additions to their toolchests.  Dents is an open development
effort, and we welcome and encourage interested parties to join in our
development process.

Happy hacking!

Todd Lewis, Dents designer and water boy


Version 0.0.3 - Apr 12, 1999

Module support (check documentation)
mod_template added (template module for module coders)
TTL's now work correctly on authoritative zones
Fixed handling of " and ' characters in zone files
Fixed handling of \ (quote) character in zone files
Added TXT RR support (with BIND kludge)
Cleaned up Linked List routines/code with easier to use/more flexible
Linked List/Block Allocator now locks correctly
New core socket code, no more crashes and kludges!
New CORBA based Control Facility
MANY other fixes. Too many to remember

Version 0.0.2 - Dec 13, 1998

Prelim synchronous TCP support (ie 1 thread per TCP stream)
Will's getservbyname and .pid patches
No longer crashes after one query (thanks to the help from Greg Rumple)
Ollivier Robert's FreeBSD 3.0 patch
Checks for pthread.h and turns off thread support if missing
libefence found a problem parsing strings in dns_read_file.c
Various other minor changes/fixes
With -DDEBUG, the configure script will set the .pid file directory to ./
 to ease coding/debugging as !root
Various other configure and Makefile fixes
Fixed stupid variable name collision (GR again)
Interface scanning code tweaks (GR again)
Zero out sockaddr_in (GR again)
Various Irix and endianess fixes (GR once more)
Compiles with -Wall and no warnings
Zone transfers work
Removed some FIXME's
Control facility locking ("ctl lock" and "ctl unlock")
Configurable port bind()'ing off the command line (will)
A run through Insure++ and Purify fixing all bugs (Greg Rumple and
Control facility is off by default for now (big security hole). Turn back
 on via -f flag on command line
usage() update (tlewis)

Version 0.0.1 - Nov 25, 1998

Initial Release

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