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Re: Caldera installation - something Debian should learn

On Thu, Apr 22, 1999 at 09:55:37AM -0400, Fabien Ninoles wrote:
> > > I agree with this, Caldera has really the coolest install from all
> > > linuxes; it even has Tetris while you run the installation. And I don't
> > > see the new installation is seem very impressive.
> > 
> > The obvious question is, does it fit on two floppies?
> Surely not! ;) But you can used one to start the process if you can't
> boot directly on the CD. BTW, if the interface is cool, I'm still prefer
> the Debian boot-floppies, and especially, the tiny base installation.
> Caldera was cool and impressive, make goods demo and is aimed for
> corporation, "don't care about technical"-newbie and busy IS department.
> It's really not an all-purpose-finely-twick-highly-configurable
> distribution as Debian.

Then we need a way other than a pile of floppies to install it without a
cdrom.  Currently it can be done by downloading a base_21.tgz and putting
it somewhere, then you only need 2 floppies.  Perhaps if we make the base
system fit into a smaller footprint we could do something likat that but
I don't want to give up the CD-less installation.  If we're going to go
changing things, let's change them right eh?

I think I'll have a look at the base system to see what I can see, but
I'm wondering if maybe making the base not use ncurses or something, it
might save a little space.  Also some of the other things..  I'm not sure
how much space can be recovered but the more the merrier.

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