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intent of package seti@home

You wrote:
Q)Why don't you release the source code? 

A)We decided not to make source code available for security reasons and
  science reasons as well. We have to have everyone
  do the exact same analysis, or we can't have any control over our
  and be confident in our results. We were also
  worried that there may be a few people that want to deliberately try
  screw up our database and server. 
I sent some email to them also asking that they consider releasing
seti@home under the gpl, but got no answer back (yet).  Maybe you might
ask them if they would consider putting the bulk of it into a library
and releasing the front end as gpl..That way at least such things as
the user front end and display could be modified allowing one to
display the working messages into a screensaver under X, and have some
control of when updates are sent back (for those with dialin ISP's and
NOT using diald).  Also it could then go into contrib instead of

I already downloaded the program (version .46 for glib2 i386).  I
created a seti account and installed the program into that account and
set the .bash_profile to run the program after login.  I did not thing
it a good idea to run as root! (but how else can the program be started
from init.d?)
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