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Re: Debian Menus (Was: Re: [PROPOSED] moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy)

>>> [not putting everything in the default menu]
>> [putting everything in because it is installed]
> I somewhat agree with you... the only problem being: what if I edited
> my menu and the admin then installs another package, one that I'm not
> interested in?
> Would it still be installed in my menu?  Even if the submenu it
> installs in (like Apps, say) doesn't exist in my menu?

well, what i do is keep the debian menu in some accessible place (like
ctrl-right button) and then keep a personal menu of my own, with the stuff i
actually use, on the right button where it's convenient. that way i get the
best of both worlds -- a menu entry for everything under the sun in case i
forgot about something, and a small convenient menu for my everyday tasks.

i'd like to make it possible to load the debian menu only when it's first
used, because i suspect it's the thing that slows down my x startup time so
much, but i'm not overly ambitious. maybe later ;)

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