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Re: GTK problems - not compiling

>>>>> "ijr" == ijr  <ijr@po.cwru.edu> writes:

    ijr> Eh.. It's the latter.  Compiling glib against glibc2.1
    ijr> enables it to run programs compiled with glibc2.1, as it uses
    ijr> libio.  I've _just_ tested it.  A program with g_print() in
    ijr> it that's compiled with glibc2.1 will segfault with a glib
    ijr> that is compiled against glibc2.0 and run fine when compiled
    ijr> against a glib that is compiled against glibc2.1.

    ijr> Is a bug truely a bug when it is the desired behaviour by the
    ijr> author?

I think that if anything that doesn't use internal libc functions
crashes on an upgrade to libc6 2.1, it is a backwards compatibility
bug in libc6. Don't you?

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