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[Georg Bauer <gb@hugo.westfalen.de>] Bug#34299: midentd: reverse in procstr on PPC is a bad idea

I really need help to solve this. First of, I don't really undertand
the problem (technically, that is), secondly, I don't have any means
of trying a fix... I have a patch I _THINK_ would fix the problem,
but i don't know anyone with a PPC w/ masquerading... (powerpc.debian.org
don't have masquerading compiled in).

So if someone with (good ?) perl knowledge can take a look at this, I
would be great full....

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Package: midentd
Version: 1.4-2

Due to different endianess between Intel and PPC, midentd only works right
on one of both platforms in it's current form. At least the PPC version is
broken in the procstr sub, as there the IPs are reversed before unpacked.
Throw out the unpack and the lookup works.

- - System Information
Debian Release: potato
Kernel Version: Linux jill 2.2.1 #101 Fri Feb 5 16:17:12 EST 1999 ppc unknown

Versions of the packages midentd depends on:
ii  netbase         3.11-4         Basic TCP/IP networking binaries

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