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Re: Maintaining /etc/mail/xxx databases for sendmail

Previously Richard A Nelson wrote:
> To that end, I've now got a script that 
>   * parses /etc/sendmail.mc and builds a list of databases

Can't you parse sendmail.cf instead? Much easier (just search for lines
beginning with K) and you can also get the type of the database. I say
this because I customized some stuff in /usr/share/sendmail.cf/ and your
script will probably fail on that.

Also, how about offering to create a makefile for this? I usually use a
makefile to update the databases and it works great.

>   * If a database needs to be moved (from /etc/ to /etc/mail), the
>     script will do so

I hope it only offers to do so?

> The script runs fine here, and at home, but I'd appreciate any
> feedback before I inflict this puppy on others (especially since
> it contains my first awk script).

Hmm. You can also do this with just sh and sed. Much easier :).


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