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Re: Bug#36335: fvwm should not recommend menu

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 23:28:01 +0100 (BST), Julian Gilbey wrote:
>> fvwm Recommends menu, which makes dselect complain every single time I
>> enter the selections page.  As fvwm works just fine without menu,
>> please downgrade this to a Suggests.
>I am not convinced.  If a user installs fvwm without menu, they will
>find that they can't do anything at all except start an xterm (which
>will be included in 2.2-4) or quit/restart fvwm.  I think that this is
>undesirable for a new user who might not yet know how to create their
>own menus.

I think it's likely that a new user will install menu even if fvwm
doesn't force it.  It is in all the default profiles, and its
description makes it sound pretty important.  If you're worried,
elevate it to Standard or Important priority - which might be a good
idea anyway.

Also, with the default system.fvwm2rc it is not terribly difficult to
figure out how to create reasonable menus.  And I might have some
other mechanism for spawning X clients: gnome panel, xsm, or just
typing commands into the aforementioned xterm...

I note that fvwm and fvwm95 are the only window managers that
Recommend menu.  All the others Suggest it or don't mention it at all.


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