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Re: Removing bash (Was: /etc/init.d/network is too simple?)

* Marcus Brinkmann said:

> >     While I agree with the rest of your message, and I am on your side of
> > this discussion, I disagree here.  Never, ever say never.
> I did say that such a person *should* never encounter such a situation, and
> very few will. Maybe my emphasizing was not very clear, sorry.
> There are million ways to kill a system. We can't prepare for any silly
> mistake someone could make at any point. Which is all I wanted to say
> really.
> Sure. And there is *nothing* we could do about it. You could "rm" the
> statically linked binaries by accident, too. 
  I feel that I have to explain myself a little bit. First, I totally agree
with the solutions you discussed here and have already employed sash (which
I never used before). My concern arose from what happened when dselect did a
mistake - something which should not happen and if it happens there should
be a cure to that. You are both right, it should not happen, but the
solution is so easy, that it would be a shame not to implement it. It
requires really minor modifications to the distribution files and removes
yet another threat (no matter how probable it is, it doesn't exist anymore
and there's no "should it happen, you have to deal with it on your own"). 
  Having said that, I want to thank you for your hints, once again I have
learned something new.

thank you,

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