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[FIX] ssh does not build on potato

Some people have pointed out that ssh does not build under glibc2.1.. 
Espy was kind enough to fix this, his patch cannot be legally exported
because some people in US political offices suffer from a severe mental
health condition known as Cranium Rectal Insertion.  So far, these people
have refused to seek proper treatment for this condition.

To demonstrate how simple it is to get around this problem legally, I
offer the following non-machine-readable instructions for fixing ssh:

* In the file configure.in on or about line 509 is an if statement which
  tests for the /dev/ptmx and /dev/pts/0 character devices.  Modify the
  test for /dev/pts/0 to instead test for the existance of the /dev/pts
  directory with test -d

* In the file login.c at or around line 79 is an #include directive for
  the file "includes.h" with the end of a comment a couple lines above
  that.  Insert a line here which adds a #define directive for

* Further down in login.c at or about line 446 is an #ifdef directive for
  the variable HAVE_SYSLEN_IN_UTMPX.  Line 445 just above it is an assign
  to the variable ux.ut.syslen, delete this assignment.

I trust that ANYBODY should be able to patch ssh for glibc2.1 with this
even without any C knowledge whatsoever?  ;>

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>            Debian GNU/Linux developer
PGP: E8D68481E3A8BB77 8EE22996C9445FBE            The Source Comes First!
I sat laughing snidely into my notebook until they showed me a PC running
Linux. And oh! It was as though the heavens opened and God handed down a
client-side OS so beautiful, so graceful, and so elegant that a million
Microsoft developers couldn't have invented it even if they had a hundred
years and a thousand crates of Jolt cola.
        -- LAN Times

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