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Re: Removing bash (Was: /etc/init.d/network is too simple?)

On Fri, 16 Apr, 1999, Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:45:09 -0400 (EDT), shaleh@clifford.livenet.net wrote:
> >> >The idea is to use bash functions, for example:
> >>     And if bash isn't installed?
> >Removing bash is almost impossible.
>     Says who?  On both my main machine and my laptop /bin/sh is now ash, not
> bash.  Nothing has broken since then at all that I am aware of.  The only
> change I made was the symlink from bash to ash, that's it.  

So you have not *removed* bash. If you want to run a bash script, it just has
to begin with #!/bin/bash bash is still on your system.

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