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Re: GTK question..

Le Thu, Apr 15, 1999 at 12:07:35AM -0500, Vaidhyanathan G Mayilrangam écrivait:
>  I was playing around with xfreecd code. When I tried to compile it, the
> program hangs at the g_print command. Can anybody help me on why the g_print
> command hangs ?
> I am using libgtk 1.0.6-4 from potato. My g_print command is after the
> gtk_init statement. I am using g_print to print some diagnostic messgae.
> Any help is appreciated..

You're using glibc2.1 and libglib1.2 is not compiled against glibc2.1.
Download the source of libglib1.2 and recompile it. And install it.

The problem is known but it seems that there aren't any solutions... BTW,
the maintainer doesn't have a glibc2.1 machine to compile it and does'nt
want compile it with glibc2.1. :-( And finally we end up with a plain
potato system in which all applications using ligblib1.2 are broken.

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