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Re: Why does Debian use a nonstandard chsh?

Jorel, *:

Huh?? Authentication has -nothing- to do with the kernel, except that it
uses the kernel to do its job like everything else.

More work for developers? To do what? read the man page?? C'mon, that is
-expected-. Debian is known to be different; developers are always picking
things apart, deciding to name things like packages with names that have
zero to do with the upstream source name. How does one figure out what
name goes with what? Has to READ something. So I don't believe your "more
work for developers" argument holds water in this case. (How much more work
was it for you to read the man page?)

chsh is documented, is it not? If it were to be changed, it would not be
the same as the shadow passwd suite anymore, and thus would not follow the
standard set/implied thereby. Debian decided in this case like in many others
to follow a different path. 

If you, as a --sysadmin--, want to go against that standard for YOUR site,
them be my guest. But don't go breaking the multitude of working, automated
scripts that use chsh without a damn good reason (and please, too much work
reading a man page isn't it.)

This is my last comment on this thread to the list. I will listen to one more
reply and maybe respond privately, other than that, I have no further interest
in it, having said my peace.


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