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Why does Debian use a nonstandard chsh?


	I was reading the Documentation/Changes document in kernel 2.2.5
with an intent to verify whether my Slink installation was upto the proper
levels of software when I noticed a problem with the chsh utility. For the
2.2 kernels, the util-linux packages should be at version 2.9i, and the
way to verify this is by executing the command 'chsh -v'.

	'chsh' on Debian doesnt have an option to display the version
number. When I looked at the source package ([wishlist] Could the source
package of shadow and the corresponding binary package of passwd atleast
get the same name?), I found that 'chsh' indeed only has a '-s' option on

	Further investigation has revealed that the Debian package uses a
version of 'chsh' that has nothing to do with the "actual" 'chsh'
available at metalab. This is the one that everyone else uses. Why is
Debian different? Redhat, for instance uses this version, and yes, it dos
have a '-v' option to display the version.

	Let me know.


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