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Re: RFC: Backup of system data

On Mon, Apr 12, 1999 at 08:57:27AM -0500, renfro@tntech.edu wrote:
> > It is sufficient to backup /etc/ and some important data outside of
> > /etc/ like /var/lib/dpkg/ or links in /etc/ pointing to somewhere
> > outside the tree (except it is static data like /etc/localtime).
> > 
> > If a package stores important data outside os /etc/, it mentions it in 
> > a file:
> > 
> > /etc/dbackup/bind:
> > /var/named/
> To avoid some extra wheel-reinvention, one could integrate it with the tob
> package, as tob already supports multiple backup volumes (sets of files to
> be backed up); a fairly generic postinst script could add the names of
> critical files to tob volumes, and perhaps also to a "full backup" volume
> as well. This might mean the promotion of the tob package into a higher
> position, though.

	That I would not like to see. Let's make it as
	backup-system-agnostic as we can.

	Large sites practically _have_ to use Amanda, and
	large sites are the ones that are going to
	benefit the most from this (individuals can keep
	that list updated manually relatively easily; I
	currently do that for half a dozen computers).

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