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slink netbase vs. kernel 2.2

The errata page titled "Running Linux 2.2.x in slink"
notes correctly that the netbase version in Slink, 3.11, is 
incompatible with the 2.2 kernel.

The errata sheet recommends using the netbase version from Potato.  
However, that release, 3.14, depends on glibc-2.1, which I gather 
is incompatible with a number of other Slink packages.  Shouldn't 
we keep a glibc-2.0-compatible version of netbase around (e.g. 3.12) 
for Slink patching?  

I have squirreled away a copy of netbase-3.12, but don't know where 
to suggest putting it.  Ideas?  

Nathan Myers

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