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Re: .deb and .rpm package coexistance

On Sun, Apr 11, 1999 at 07:24:58PM +0200, Piotr Roszatycki wrote:
> > So RPM is not a mess by definition. BUt the quality of rpm packages
> > available is what I am worried about. Another thing is that there do exists
> > incompatibilities, and people should be aware of them before trying to mix
> > distributions. 
> What about LSB project? I read one goal of this project is RPM package
> system..

I believe at one point Bruce was trying to get RPM to be the standard
package manager in LSB, but that kinda didn't work for a number of
reasons.  http://kitenet.net/~joey/pkg-comp.html contains a good
comparison of the package formats and Redhat's is a little lackluster in
a few areas (and many argue that "file dependencies" are a gross

Fact is that Redhat will not stop using RPM.  Debian is also not likely
to stop using dpkg.  Nobody says the package file format can't be common
to both of them.  Whether or not everyone can be convinced to use such a
common format is up in the air.

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