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Re: the logo: logo selections now available!

> Wichert Akkerman - Debian project leader wrote:
> > 
> > * villate (seal)
> > Concept: seal balancing the world
> > Note: should be modified to be an outline
> > Pros: playful, cute
> > Cons: needs some hard work to modify it to an outline
> Well, since the contest rules said it had to be 100% made with gimp,
I am not a registered Debian developer so I do not have voting right.
However, from marketing point of view, the few available logos are not
up to the level. Can you loose a little bit on this condition (using
gimp)? Gimp is mainly an image processing program and its drawing functions
are not as complete. Our graphics designers mainly use Adobe Illustrators
running on Mac or other platforms. I believe producing a better logo and
font face type is more important than which program the designer use.

My 0.02 opinion.


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