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Re: Debian T-Shirt (and more ...)

I have seen similar discussions for a while. We at Kachina discussed 
providing Debian related promotion items before, such as T-shirt, mug,
hat, mouse pad, key-chain or even sapphire ring for each registered 
developers. We have experience on that and we have assigned a professional
graphics designer to look at it. I like the idea to donate _all_ profit
back to Debian project (SPI). It should not be too hard to pass my initiative
since our company management understands it very well.

I'd like to invite people, especially Debian developers, contribute your
ideas. What we should make and even some basic design ideas. Be creative.
We have very talented graphics designers and result will come out good if
you can feed them better food of thought. ;-)

Now for the logo part, as with most people, we are not happy with it. The 
current one is a simple and elegant design but it does not scale well and
becomes unnoticable when it is too small. Also can we not to use red to
differentiate with others? Sapphire-like deep blue is good. Magenta is also
a distinctive color, brilliant but impress people quietly. I remember someone
proposed a "bee" design concept. Any thought on that?

Also font type is also very important, We need to have a distinctive type

Please email me first. If the load gets too high, I will create a mailinglist
or active web page. :-)



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> On Thu, Apr 01, 1999 at 03:37:03PM -0800, Paul Lowe wrote:
> > Is there anywhere I can buy a Debian T-Shirt..I have looked all over and
> > can't find anyone selling them. If you know of any place I'd really
> > appreciate it.
> > 
> I don't know. Hopefully some people on debian-devel will know.
> Jay Treacy
> P.S. If anyone is selling Debian paraphernalia (on a continuing basis)
> I'd appreciate more information so it can go on the web pages.
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