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Re: Bug#35743: knfs: needs to replace nfs-server

> > I think (I'll have to check to be sure) that you can re-export an nfs-mount.
> > It will not traverse mountpoints, so you must explicitly export (and mount
> > at the client) /usr/local
> Yuck. That sounds masty to me -- I use the automounter to mount the
> filesystems of a lot of computers in my subnet. Typically there are lots of
> subpartitoions, like /var and /usr and /home and so on. This allows me to
> easily copy files between them. Sounds like if I used knfsd, this would no
> longer be possible. :-(

Hmm, that depends. If all your mount points are directly under the
root you could use a wildcard key. If I read the autofs(5) manpage right,

*	&:/&

would give you /automountpoint/hostname/path. Also, you might not be able
access files located directly in the root on the client. Unfortunately,
autofs doesn't support nested mounts, so /usr and /usr/local on separate
filesystems would fail with this scheme (or so says the manpage anyway).


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