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Re: Factual correction


You are somebody that has, in the past, received a lot of respect from 
myself and other members of the Free Software community.  Your past
work with Jargon File, termcap/terminfo databases, just to name two,
have been very much appreciated by people all over the 'net.

But there's a problem -- and a big one.  You're losing track of what
makes our community great -- our "hacker spirit", our desire to really 
promote freedom, and in so doing, remove control from single entities
or corporations with their own agendas.  It seems to us, whether
correct or not, that you are pursuing your own agenda instead of
working solely for the good of Free Software.  We are seeing messages
like the below in which you are arguing personalities instead of
talking about spreading the joy that is free software.  We are seeing
what appears to be your own personal judgment cloud your work -- the
entries in the new Jargon File for "Eric Conspiracy" and "Halloween
Documents" are examples.  But worst of all, we are seeing your actions 
hurt the Free Software movement.  I'm sure I wouldn't be so
presumptious as to say that you are intentionally hurting it, but by
endorsing non-free licenses as Free, or be engaging in immature
behavior like the below, not only our press image but our core values
can be compromised.

Please consider this as a polite bit of constructive criticism, and
reconsider the path you have chosen of late regarding the movement
for which we have given -- and received -- so much.

-- John Goerzen

"Eric S. Raymond" <esr@snark.thyrsus.com> writes:

> Bruce wrote:
> >Eric says he only meant to threaten me with "defamation of character", not
> >with any kind of violence. Thus, I think I'll just let this issue drop now.
> Chip Salzenberg suggested I ought to set the record straight on this, so
> I'll observe the quotes in the above are misleading.  I did not use the phrase
> "defamation of character" nor any semantic equivalent thereof.
> OTOH, the intent of my threat certainly was that I would make Bruce look
> like a fool and an asshole.  I invite readers to judge for themselves
> whether this would constitute defamation of character or not.
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> Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals.
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