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Re: Gore2000 "Open Source"

On Fri, Apr 09, 1999 at 09:51:01AM -0400, Mike Goldman wrote:
> Not the point.  Does the mark belong to OSI?  Or does it belong to SPI? 
> If we
> don't defend the mark, but OSI does, then I guess the mark is theirs,
> and we've
> conceded it.  Thus, i.e. APSL is Open Source, because OSI says so.

That's a lot of FUD.  Why can't people do a little research, first?  SPI
appointed ESR to manage the mark...  In the beginning, it looked like he
was going to do the write thing.  OSI doesn't have to *own* the mark, just
permission to manage.  The issue is, should management be pulled from OSI
or not.  SPI needs to address HOW the mark is being managed.. not the FACT
that OSI is doing it.
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