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Re: Gore2000 "Open Source"

> Not the point.  Does the mark belong to OSI?  Or does it belong to SPI?
> If we don't defend the mark, but OSI does, then I guess the mark is
> theirs, and we've conceded it.  Thus, i.e. APSL is Open Source, because
> OSI says so.

[note: this really belongs on spi-general, not debian-devel, but it seems to
be popular thread so i shall continue it]

it's worse; if we don't defend the mark and anyone uses it we risk the mark
falling into the public domain; however, spi has temporarily delegated the
responsibility to administer the mark to esr until a better way to defend it
properly can be found. esr, wearing his osi hat, has thus been defending the
mark on spi's behalf, though the mark still belongs to spi (although there
are those who will argue against that on the basis that they don't want it
to be the case (i am explicitly failing to name people here; if you suspect
you are one of those people please do not pollute the list with a flame at
me and thereby strengthen my claim)).

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