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Re: gcj & libgcj

On Thu, Apr 08, 1999 at 21:39:53 -0700, Anthony Green wrote:
> FYI - egcs 1.2 will include the gcj compiler tools.  It's currently
> scheduled for July 1.


> I was curious is there's anything we can do, as upstream package
> maintainers, to make life easier for downstream maintainers?

Speaking as a Debian EGCS co-maintainer (although I have to admit Matthias
has done a lot more work on it than I have in the last couple of months), I
don't have any particular requests source-wise, but I can think of
- Going over the list of bugs reported for the Debian EGCS packages once in
  a while
  Some of them may be Debian-specific or incomplete. Some of them are marked
  as forwarded (to egcs-bugs or, for older ones, bug-gcc@gnu.ai.mit.edu)
  and may well have been fixed; it is sometimes quite difficult for us to
  check, and we'd appreciate help here. 
- More general: I read some of the FSF bug lists via gnusenet. (It would be
  nice if the EGCS lists were available (if only read-only) via gnusenet 
  too.) I often encounter reports of gcc 2.8.1 related problems that are 
  (most likely) fixed in EGCS (e.g. internal compiler errors compiling KDE). 
  It seems that for non-linux architectures, few downstream maintainers are
  well aware of EGCS, resulting in unneeded frustration with the users.
  I realise that this is a difficult issue (as long as the FSF doesn't bless
  EGCS), but I think it is important to contact the downstream maintainers
  of especially the proprietary unices, and try to convince them to offer
  (or even recommend) EGCS packages.

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