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Re: opie maintainer

Interestingly enough, I was able to compile the opie-2.32 package
(from the original author's site), copy libopie.a and opie.h to
/usr/lib and /usr/include respectively, download the source to
the current shadow_X package (providing login and secure-su)
modify one line to the debian/rules to add --with-libopie to the
configure call, and debian/rules binary and install the packages-
and it worked!

You have got to love Debian...

> > I'm interested primarily in building One-time passwords into Debian that I
> > had from my old Slack 2.1 days (ok still in production) in 1995. If nobody
> > has OTP versions of login, etc., I'd have to re-build this functionality.
> > If that is the case, I might as well make it available.
> IMO there are too many versions of login &co already. Please try to get it
> incoporated into the upstream shadow package, or make good PAMs out of it.

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