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Re: user programs in /usr/X11R6

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> Note; my intent here is not to start any sort of flame war.
You are not known as somebody who likes to do that ...
> We currently seem to install application programs which run under X11R6
> in /usr/X11R6. 
> FSSTND says that that directory contains the X11R6 windowing system.
> Do application programs become part of the windowing system?
> IMHO, they do not, hence they do not belong in /usr/X11R6.
> I could not find the FHS on my debian system (I thought it used to be
> installed along side the FSSTND) so I have not checked it.
I failed to find it, too.

Anyway I'm really interested in finding the right location for my
programs.  I thought the right place for all things which *require*
X have to go into /usr/X11R6, but I never read any policy about it.
Consequently also GTK+ for instance has to go into the /usr/X11R6 tree,
but I've read a reasonable arguing against this some time ago.
I'd like to beenlightened about this topic and think we should
make a clear decision about this topic.

Kind regards


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