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Re: new package: gri, a language for scientific graphics programming.

Andreas Tille wrote:

> I consider a physica package to be useful.  Especially if the documentation
> would be included in the Debian documentation system.  If the source
> isn't available we should enforce the authors to make it public and *free*.

> I think, that Debian needs scientific stuff very much 

I agree.
>                                                       but at the present
> time I'm not able to take over new packages and would like to ask
> some other volunteer to take the program and package it.  Once GnuPlot,
> Physica and Gri are packaged we could compare them and hopefully a day
> will come up when the good things of them will be merged in a really
> powerful plotting program which is a dream at these days.

I uploaded gri version 2.2.1 last week. It's now GPL.

Comes with online HTML docs as well as PostScript and Info
versions.  Comes with an installed Emacs mode which uses the Info
docs to provide help about the command on the cuurent line, etc,
and does command completion, etc.

The only problem is with the description (contraol file) in
because the sample terse yet working Gri program gets wrapped.
It should read:

 The following is a terse yet working Gri program. If it is stored
 in a file called 'example.gri', and executed with the command
 'gri example', it will create a postscript file called
 'example.ps' with the graph.

   open file.dat # open a file 
   read columns x * y # read the 1st column as x and the 3rd as y
   draw curve # draw the data and autoscale the axes

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