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Re: Anacron/cron suggestion

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999 shaleh@clifford.livenet.net wrote:

> > 
> > A possible way to deal with this would be to change the boot-floppies so
> > that they ask the user "Will your system be connected to Internet 24 hours
> > a day? The anacron package will be installed if you say `no'".
> > 
> > And if the user says no, the base system boot script does:
> > 
> > echo "anacron install" | dpkg --set-selections
> > 
> This implies anacron will become yet another base pacakge.  It is
> already seven disks.

By "the base system boot script" I was referring to the .bash_profile
in base2_1.tgz which runs the first time you boot the base system.
So, no, this would not increase the size of the base system.

> I am happy w/ letting people who want it,
> install it.  That makes more sense.  Besides, do we really need
> another "press enter" during install.

This is the bad thing. If we put a Yes/No question for every useful
package in the distribution, we would end up having too many questions
in the install process.

> Let's stick w/ what works, then let the user customize.

I agree.


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