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Re: new list and personal fights on debian

On Tue, Apr 06, 1999 at 08:57:43AM -0000, Anonymous wrote:
> i believe it is a mistake for debian to be involved 
> in a personal fight between bruce perens and eric
> raymond.  people are too eager to jump the gun in
> i do not know why such messages are being posted
> to debian-devel but it all seems like power play

I believe anonymous postings, as a rule, have no place on the Debian
lists. You can't have a discussion with someone anonymous. Heck, I can't
even take this offline.

The idea is that the first face shown to people is one they can readily
accept - a more traditional logo. The lunacy element is only revealed
subsequently, via the LunaDude. [excerpted from the Lunatech Identity Manual]

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