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Re: UK get-together

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>What with all the shows etc. in the US, there have been lots of
>opportunities for US-based Debian people to meet up, have a beer, etc. But
>we haven't had such an event in the UK and although I know there are lots
>of Debian developers in the UK I have only met a few of them. Is anybody
>interested in organising a get-together sometime soon? It would be nice to
>meet up and swap PGP keys and/or beer. Anyone?

As nothing seemed to happen at the RMS talk (or if it did then I missed it),
could we arrange something now?  I suggest meeting in a central location in
London (EG one of those book stores that sell coffee near Oxford St) on either
a week night or the early afternoon on a Sat/Sun.

What do you think?

Russell Coker

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