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Re: email threat

MallarJ@aol.com wrote:
> I have two things to say about this, or maybe three:
> 1) Am I the only one that is tired of hearing about the bickering between
> these two? and on a Debian-user list? and on a public mailing list?
It was posted on debian-user by Thomas Lakofski. It's more appropriate -
however much it is - on debian-devel, where it started. The bickering
beetween the two about APSL is certianly appropriate - it's the
discussion whether the APSL is open source, which should be equivelent
to DFSG free. This is the first message that hasn't been appropriate to
Debian, and possibly to be aired publicly.

> 2) If the authorities have been notified - fine, leave us out of it.
I think part of the point was that this is ESR, our "open source
> 3) Don't make judgements until you know the whole story (and, no, I don't).
> A clip here, a snippet there, an you can make anyone believe anything you
> want them to.
Sure. But the negativity wasn't clipped here and snippeted there. 'I'll
make you regret it. Watch your step' is scary words no matter what the
context. If it was made up (which I could not ignore the possibility of,
considering I know neither Perens or Raymond), it still signifies a
brutal war beetween two loud speakers for open source/free software, one
that goes beyond anything O'Reilly and Stallman have done.

David Starner - OSU student - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
If you want a real optimist, look up Ray Bradbury. Guy's nuts. 
He actually likes people. -David Brin

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