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Re: Anacron/cron suggestion

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> My suggestion was to merge cron and anacron into one package
> [...]
> In this way, Joe User will have the advantages of anacron
> whichever system setup he uses (24/7 or occasional use).  And Harry
> Hacker who doesn't like the startup lags can disable the anacron
> commands or remove the package.

I think Harry Hacker would appreciate leaving things as they are.
I agree with Shaleh when he says that Debian is as much a server as a

A possible way to deal with this would be to change the boot-floppies so
that they ask the user "Will your system be connected to Internet 24 hours
a day? The anacron package will be installed if you say `no'".

And if the user says no, the base system boot script does:

echo "anacron install" | dpkg --set-selections


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