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Re: Intenet to package tuxeyes

talein@whitestar.b5 wrote:
> Alright, I'll admit -- it's ... one of those packages
> (like xeyes and xteddy) -- in fact, that's what it's
> a combination of.  xpenguin and xeyes to be exact.
> But it's just *COOL* and I had to make it available.
> Lemme know if somebody else is working on it -- I'm
> building now, but will upload in a few days if 
> nobody else calls dibs.

You should note that there are a few license issues:

  * The program is GPL but uses the QT toolkit.  This means that we cannot
    legally distribute binaries of it unless the license is changed to
    "GPL with permission to link with QT" or something similar.  You'll
    have to talk with the author about that (he may not be aware of the
    problem at all).

  * Since the program depends on the non-free QT library, it'll have to go
    in contrib.

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