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Re: bruce back online

On 3 Apr 1999 bruce@perens.com wrote:

> I'm paying about $200/month for half of a T1, a bargain, but if my
> business starts to depend on this I'm going to need two separate DSLs,
> with two different CLECs (wire carriers) and two separate internet
> providers.

Well, here is some hope for you.. Up here in Canada, I have machines on 
  - A cable modem from Videotron (50$)
  - A cable modem from shaw (40$)
  - A ADSL link from Cadvision (83$)
  - Some wierd Telus thing (<100$, includes cable, telco, etc)
  - A ADSL link from Telus (50$)

And have never once had more than an hours continuos downtime on any of
them. All prices are in Canadian and all have at least the bandwidth of a
full T1 (150k/s, actually achieved usually with APT, and yes they are
hugely asymetric)

So yes, things do get better once the services have been around for a
while, prices also go through the floor once their is more than one high
speed service provider in an area, there have been at least 4 in both
Calgary and Edmonton for the past year and a half now.

The hard thing to find is a service that does offer a static IP with 24/7
service, Telus and Shaw do not offer such things at all, their packages
are for 'home' use, they have special buisness accounts that they soak you
for which basically consist of web space on their servers.


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