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Re: Sendmail woes (was: make anacron a base package)

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On 31 Mar 1999 18:06:46 -0600, John Goerzen wrote:

>And as I have pointed out numerous times already, exim does not offer
>all the same functionality as sendmail.  In fact, I said that above -- 
>"can't provide the same services as the existing item."  Really, this
>selective reading that you are doing, Steve -- purposely ignoring the
>parts of my message that you can't find a good rebuttal for -- is
>getting annoying.

    No, it is called remembering the context.  You said functionality to

    Which part of "program offers all the functionality to other programs on
the same system as the previous offering did" contradicts your previous
claim of external functionality which is what I infered you meant here.

    Selective reading on your part, I would take it.
>In order to configure Sendmail to the same extent that one can
>configure exim, one does not need to know cf.  I, in fact, know little 
>of .cf -- only the parts that map directly from m4 to it, in fact, and 
>none of the rewrite rules.  My mc file does not now, nor has ever,
>include any raw .cf lines.  Just what can you do in exim.conf that cannot
>be done with sendmail.mc?

    Plenty.  Your homework assignment is to find out what before dismissing
exim.conf.  You're the one who came in here guns ablazin', time for you to
learn or shut up.

>>     When it fails to do what they need or when it breaks.

>m4 is not buggy.

    Obviously not a programmer.  Everything is buggy.

>You have yet to produce even one example of something that can be done in
>exim.conf and not sendmail.mc, much less a bug in m4 that prevents
>sendmail.mc from working.

    Why should I when you're the one attacking?  It is up to you to decipher
it.  I think Joship has explained that better than I could.  You still have
not grasped the simple concept that exim.conf is EASIER to READ and
UNDERSTAND for those who will be taking the DEFAULT route.  Those who are
more versed in MTAs and their operation who *MAY* want Sendmail won't take
the default no matter *WHAT* we make it.  Coprehend that, yet?

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