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Re: current document policy ?

>>>>> "lapeyre" == John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu> writes:

lapeyre> wanted to say: Is there any documentation on what the
lapeyre> currently preferred method is for registering documentations
lapeyre> with some system (like dwww).  Something in developer's
lapeyre> corner like the "menu system" document would be nice.

lapeyre> I couldn't find anything indicating that document
lapeyre> registration system exists.  Thanks for any clues...  John

Install doc-base, it has documentation.  It has no official blessing
(like debhelper), but it's widely regarded as the most convenient
system.  It's hardcoded to drive dwww and dhelp now; I'm hoping to
replace all that with a hook system so it can drive 'n' different
backend display systems.
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