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Re: new package: gri, a language for scientific graphics programming.

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> Can any of these programs plot functions not already arranged
> as f(x) = something, and in particular inequalities such as
> x + 3 < 10
> ? gnuplot cannot, as far as I can see.
I cant answer this question myself but I forewarded it to my
friend (which isn't subscribed in debian-devel.  Here comes his answer:

> Hm, also naja, ich habe eine Zeit lang PHYSICA gemacht, ist auch eine
> feine Sache, es sei denn, man braucht deutsche Umlaute....
> Und auch sonst stammt es halt noch aus alten Tagen, im Moment tr"aume ich
> eher davon mal ein ordentliches Programm selbstzu basteln, aber solange
> ich gtk nicht kann, werde ich da noch etwas warten m"ussen.
> Jedes dieser Programme hat ein nettes feature aber bei jedem fehlt auch was.
<English translation>
I used PHYSICA for some time and it is a nice thing id you don't need
German umlauts...
In general it is a little bit old fashioned, at the moment I dream of
hacking a good prgram myself (comment:  in my opinion he is able to do
that and I hope he will start right now :-) ), but I have to learn
GTK+ first.  (Yes, I did enforce him to learn GTK+ and recommended him
to use GtkDatabox.)
Each of these programs has a nice feature but each has a lack of something,
</English translation>

I can't tell more to that problem than the lack of a high quality
free plotting program is in my opinion the main fact that not more
physicist switch to Linux.  This is at least true for our department.
The prefer to use Origin ... and will do until someone presents
something better ...  So lets start investigating in this topic or
enforce the things which are going on.

Kind regards


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