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Request for packages


here is a request for a three packages, which I found in cola, which
would a nice to have for Debian.

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c2html can highlight your source for presentation in the WWW.
It can also be used as a CGI script and can detect whether
the client browser supports compressed data to save bandwidth.

Title:          c2html
Version:        0.4
Entered-date:   26MAR99
Description:    c2html highlights C-language sources like emacs does.
                Output is in html format. Also works as CGI to convert
                files on the fly.
Keywords:       C syntax highlighting html
Author:         schintke@cs.tu-berlin.de (Florian Schintke)
                mkamm@gmx.net (Martin Kammerhofer)
Maintained-by:  schintke@cs.tu-berlin.de (Florian Schintke)
Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/www/converters/
                32kB c2html-0.4.tar.gz
Platform:       any UNIX using flex or lex and gcc
Copying-policy: GNU Public License
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wmchoose is a small, but useful, X11 utility that allows a user to
easily choose a window manager as X starts up (via either startx or
xdm).  wmchoose is easily configured via an 'rc' file so that adding new
window managers is as simple as sticking a line in this file.

More information, a screenshot, and source or binary downloads can be
found at http://linux.umbc.edu/wmchoose/wmchoose.html

Todd Pafford   galen@erols.com
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Title:          Z81
Version:        1.1
Entered-date:   11MAR99
Description:    Z81/Z81txt/xz81 are ZX81 (TS1000) and ZX80 emulators
                for (respectively) svgalib, text mode, and X. They
                load/save Xtender-format .P files, and support the
                ZX81's pseudo-hi-res mode. A few ZX81-related utils,
                GIFs of the keyboard layout, two PD tetris clones,
                a PD minesweeper clone, and a pear tree are included.
                (Just add partridge.)

                Though I (rjm) wrote Z81 etc., I give Ian main author
                credit as I used his Z80 emulation (from his excellent
                `xz80' ZX Spectrum emulator), which is the most
                difficult bit, not to mention being half the code. :-)
                (Please don't contact Ian in relation to Z81; I just
                used his code, he wasn't otherwise involved. The email
                address below is given only for completeness, and
                might be out of date.)

Keywords:       Sinclair ZX80 ZX81 TS1000 emulator VGA text svgalib X
Author:         imc@comlab.ox.ac.uk (Ian Collier)
                rus@forfree.at (Russell Marks)
Maintained-by:  rus@forfree.at (Russell Marks)
Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/system/emulators/zx
                251866  z81-1.1.tar.gz
Platforms:      Z81: VGA reqd, Z81txt: /dev/vcsa0 reqd,
                xz81: any modern Unix box with X
Copying-policy: GPL
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Well, O.K.  I'll compromise with my principles because of EXISTENTIAL DESPAIR!
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