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[Fredrik Noring <noring@idonex.se>] Re: Roxen Challenger i Debian

This is what Fredrik Noring at Idonex told me about the fonts.

Rough translation, turbo:
	Now when I have you online, so to speak, can you check what
	the licence on 'ftp://ftp.idonex.se/roxen/nfonts*' is? Are
	they also GPL? There is no copyright or anything in the tarball,
	and it is needed some kind of licence for Debian...

Rough translation, Fredrik:
	Yes. The answer from Idonex development chief Mattias Wingstedt
	are as follows:

	(no translation to english nessesary :)

	Green light in other words.

So? Should I just put this mail in the copyright file, and of we go?o

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Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@nocrew.org> skriver:
> Nu nar jag anda har dig 'pa traden' sa att saga, kan du kolla hur
> licencen ar pa 'ftp://ftp.idonex.se/roxen/nfonts*' ? Ar dom oxo
> GPL'ade? Finns ingen copyright eller ngt i tarballen, och det behovs
> ngn form av licence for Debian...

Jadå.  Svaret från Idonex utvecklingschef Mattias Wingstedt
är följande:

    The bitmapped fonts used by Roxen are not subject to copyright.
    We have even checked this with Adobe, from which vector fonts
    some of the bitmapped fonts were generated. This might seem
    strange, but creating a bitmapped image from the vector fonts
    is the normal usage of the font. If you then use the bittmapped
    image as a bitmapped font is your business.

Grönt ljus med andra ord.

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