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Re: Perl modules and perl upgrade

Le Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 11:42:00AM +0200, Richard Braakman écrivait:
> I think Lintian will be greatly confused by these :)  I'll see if I can
> update Lintian in time.

It would be really simpler if versionned provides were supported. :)

> I still don't see anything that will keep a system from breaking when
> perl 5.005 is installed, though.  Saying "upgrade everything" is not
> good enough -- we support partial upgrades.  If a user installs one

I agree but it's similar to the problem we did already have with
xdm killed automatically by a bad-written preinst that could not
be changed once installed. The problem here is that all perl modules
depend on perl but in fact depend on a specific version of perl (all
binary modules are alredy installed in a versionned directory ...),
this problem won't appear again with the new perl policy but we can
do very little for the already installed packages. Nevertheless I
send a bug report against netbase (#35236) to ease the transition from
one perl to another perl and this solution (add a use lib line
in programs) can be generalized too all debian-specific 
(or something-specific) perl modules...

> package from the new distribution, and this pulls in the new perl, and
> that breaks every other perl module on the system, then there is a
> problem.

Yep there is. The only possible solution is to add versionned conflicts
to the perl dummy package that would consist of a list of ~40 packages, 
but that's not reasonnable.

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