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Re: Debian System Wizard

Quoting John Lines <john@paladin.demon.co.uk>:

> There is quite a lot of functionality which is too 'fuzzy' to be built
> into dselect, or dpkg - which I believe should kept free of extraneous
> baggage.
> A separate expert system, probably a simple perl script, could be written
> which would check the state of their system during its postinst.
> It could check for known obsolete dummy packages, libraries which might
> no longer be required and other known 'funnies' which may creep into a
> system.
> 		John Lines

Yes, just like dselect add some functionalities to dpkg. Remember that
dpkg is mostly ignorant of the hold state and everything... Not
totally ignorant but... 

What about a new state like 'unhold', reversed to hold in the sense that 
if the package as no reversed-dependencies, it will be remove on a 
dpkg --remove --pending? DSelect and apt should make them the default state
for packages selected by dependencies and user can set or remove them at
their convenience.

BTW, dselect is the right place to add some functionalities. It's
dpkg interface, not dpkg himself. dpkg must be kept to its basic
functionalities: a package manager. But dselect have the functionalities
that fit for the one I want to see added:

  (un)selecting (un)wanted packages and informing me about their states,
  including if their (reversed-)dependencies are (not) met.

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