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Re: Suggestion for change to debian package format

On Mon, 29 Mar, 1999, Mark Phillips wrote:
> Now what happens when later I decide that I no longer need a certain
> package.  I remove the package --- but unless I'm very dilligent, I

Solution: be dilligent

> don't remove all the packages that this package depends on or
> suggests.  So after time, the system builds up quite a number of
> packages which are installed for no good reason.  That is, they were
> once installed in order to support some other package, but now that
> package is removed and so they serve no purpose.  All they do is take
> up disk space, and for some (like me), space is a premium.

If space is a premium, don't install stuff you don't need. When you have
finished with a program remove it. And be dilligent.

I consume, therefore I am

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